‘Team Integrity’ brings together a group of diverse individuals who are passionate about their city and the wellbeing of their community who want to bring fresh thinking, creative solutions, and common sense to the multitude of issues the City faces.

They pledge to use their knowledge, skills and life experience to achieve common goals of real  engagement with the wider community, better oversight of Council spending and better outcomes for all.




REVIEW Three waters, REDUCE Debt, CONTROL Rates.
We need to fix the system. We need the council to listen to the people. We need leadership with the right skills. We need a council that can work as a team.


I have served as a Councillor for 8 years in a city of 4 million people and know that Citizens are to be treated with respect and dignity. In order to lead I must serve.

Once elected, I commit to having regular public meetings so that we can work together making Hamilton a city with a heart, a place where we can be safe and respected, a city we can be proud of.


I am an architect, project manager, and professional problem solver with my own successful business. I have fought for affordable housing and good urban design in the city for 30 years.   

Russelle KNAAP

 I’m standing because so many I talk to are really worried about where our city is headed. They are sick of being cash- cows to fund the pet, nice- to- have over-priced projects. People on fixed incomes have no more to give. They feel no one listens and sick of ‘tick- the- box’ masquerading as consultation.

The City’s financial standing MUST be seriously reviewed because It cannot continue to borrow and hope as interest rates rise. 

Ray(mond) Mudford

My wife, myself and family have lived in Hamilton for over 30 years. We care about the city and provision for future generations.

I have run my own successful business, managing people and projects with engineering and accounting skills in New Zealand and Overseas. I have worked with large teams to create solutions. I am not interested in pet projects.


Vote for COMMON SENSE decisions, creative thinking, and meaningful engagement with the wider community..   

Team Integrity is made up of candidates with the wide range of professional skills needed to run the city properly, the track record to get results, and the personal character to serve the people honestly.

Let’s plan our future together.


Community Communication

* Support the implementation of Community Boards.

* Meet with the Community Board Representatives monthly.

* Ensure accountability from Elected Members and Staff.

Sustainable City Development

* Sustainable Urban and environmental design

* Affordable housing

* Demand greater project transparency and accountability, including cost control, risk management and project scope definition.

* Seek Cost benefit Analysis (CBA) on new proposed projects.

Community Well-being

* Endeavour to restrict Rate increases to a maximum of Consumer Price Index (CPI).

* Cut unnecessary projects to reduce debt from $1B to $500M

* Adopt Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB).

Sustainable Council Services

* Reject the Government 3 waters amalgamation proposal.

* Ensure that the City of Hamilton maintains the highest standard of Water Management in the Region.


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